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Safe Opening, Service and Selection

SafesCracking a safe open because of a lost combination or malfunction has made a lot of advancements in the last 25 years. A lot of safes can be opened without drilling, When drilling is the only option, a Safegood safe technician has the knowledge to make a precision hole so the safe can be repaired and used again.

Safe locks, especially those used at least twice a day, should be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated every 18 months. Every moving part in the safe door should be inspected for loose screws and bolts and excessive wear. Many safes give fair warning, sometimes weeks in advance, before there is a complete lockout and crisis to follow. If you notice your safe is harder to open, and continues to be more difficult to unlock, it is a good idea to have your safe serviced before you are totally locked out.

Safe SalesSafe selection should be determined by the end-user’s needs. For instance, a homeowner, wanting to protect insurance papers, birth certificates and property deeds, purchases a home fire safe, Safesdesigned to protect papers in a fire, a good choice. Another homeowner has a small fortune in coins and jewelry and also buys a fire safe to protect against burglars. This is a poor choice. Valuables are better protected with a TL15 or TL30 rated safe.

Whatever your protection needs, a safe technician should be consulted to keep you from buying the wrong safe and having a false sense of security. All safes are not alike. Safes designed to thwart and deter professional burglars are designed and engineered to stop specific attacks from a wide variety of tools. A safe technician can guide you in selecting a safe that will best meet your needs.

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