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Lockset and Deadbolt Installation

Door LocksDoorknobs, levers, decorative handle-sets and deadbolts are presented by the mass-merchandisers as “do-it-yourself” projects. The homeowner who feels a sense of pride for replacing their cruddy old locks with brand-new shiny hardware may actually have a false sense of security. Locks are only secure when the lock installer understands the components and how they are designed to operate.

When a new home or business owner moves into their new space, a locksmith is called to reset the door locksexisting locks to a different key. Whoever had a key, such as relatives, friends, neighbors or employees, are denied access to the home or office.

It is during this very routine procedure I have found homes where the locks were never installed correctly, thus the home, some 20 years old were never completely locked! The home or business owner thought they were safe when they locked their door, but a burglar could have entered the home with a simple penknife, possibly faster than using the key!

Two critical components often neglected by many carpenters and “door installation specialists,” are the dead-latch button and the one-inch deadbolt. Do-it-yourself homeowners frequently misunderstand these components also.

Door JamThe dead-latch is part of a locking doorknob or lever. It is made up of two parts, the latch, which holds the door closed, and the dead-latch button, a half-round plunger sitting on top of the latch. When the door is closed, the latch falls into the strike plate hole, the dead-latch button remains depressed. ThisDoor Locks renders the latch “dead”. It cannot be forced back with a tool. It will only retract when the knob is turned.

The one-inch deadbolt locks properly when the bolt extends the full inch. I have corrected countless one-inch deadbolts extending into a half-inch deep hole. If a deadbolt does not fully extend one-inch it will not lock into position, thus allowing the bolt to be pushed back with a penknife or similar tool.

If your home or business security is a serious issue for you, Call Jeff Gater and have your locks checked out, corrected, or updated to high-security locks.

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